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Stacks Aluminum Sconce – Large

LED light source encased in machined aluminum and layered with hand-poured clear glass blocks

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David Kitts + Andy Morter

An extroverted introvert, David Kitts strives to solve more problems than he creates. His education and experience in both design and engineering have taught him to never let your ego get in the way of a good, solid design. His passion for seeing an idea come to life is only surpassed by being able to do so successfully, here, in Vermont. A quiet collaborator, David pulls inspiration from the designers, engineers and the artisans he works with every day.

As the son of two entrepreneurs in the decorative lighting business, Art + Alchemy Design Developer Andy Morter learned the importance of craftsmanship early, balancing engineering with beauty. Andy’s passion for all things mechanical was derived from watching his father build and restore hot rods and motorcycles – his version of moving works of art. This informs his view on everything he builds today. Andy might envision an LED platform as the “chassis” where the beauty of the piece is defined by its purpose. Constantly pushing himself to explore both the oldest and newest materials available, Andy works to blend and push the limits of what’s possible.

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