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Fusion Semi-Flush

Intersections of metal and fused art glass

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David Kitts + Jason Hancock

An extroverted introvert, David strives to solve more problems than he creates. As Director of Design, his education and experience in both design and engineering have taught him to never let your ego get in the way of a good, solid design. His passion for seeing an idea come to life is only surpassed by being able to do so successfully, here, in Vermont. A quiet collaborator, David pulls inspiration from the designers, engineers and the artisans he works with every day.

An artisan’s engineer, Jason appreciates the beauty of intelligent engineering and the intelligence of beautiful design. A believer in active collaboration, he leads the team of artisans who handcraft each piece, standard or custom, for Art + Alchemy. Jason (aka “Tigger”) has the energy and drive to tackle any problem, as well as the patience and love of design to work with designers, transforming the theoretical into the tangible every day.

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